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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  April 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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in now -- go now good morning maryland at 9. >> i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. >> i got this thing going. so i don't like to don't talk or say a word. >> it's a granola bar. >> aid granola bar and got it lodged in the back of the throat and it's scratchy back there. >> you can't eat on the run. tough sit down and relax. >> you dripping your water. we have a lot ahead but the big store -- drink your water. we have a lot ahead but the big story is saying bye to william
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donald schaefer. >> it lead up to schaefer's funeral and burial on wednesday. three full days of events. but first we will say bye and abc2 sherie johnon is live in annapolis with a series of events taking place today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. that's right. we are here in annapolis at the maryland statehouse. look behind me. you can see a line is already forming here. former governor schaefer will lie in state starting at 10 until 2 p.m. and people are standing in line to pay their respects. the statehouse rotunda will be open for public viewing at ten this morning. his casket will arrive about 9:30 this morning. governor o'malley will greet the casket with a honor guard from the maryland national guard on state circle. and later this afternoon, a special tour of baltimore will be arrangeed for governor schaefer through neighborhoods and landmarks he fought for it.
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includes the childhood home and the grave sights of his parents. lexington market, camden yart, inner harbor and national aquarium. that's to name a few. this morning, we are going to catch up with a couple people. juanita come over and talk to me. good morning. tell mow why you are in line here-- tell me why you are in line. >> i am here to pay respects to the governor of behalf of my family. in 1994 there was a major blizzard and i was in cumberland and my mother had surgery and she said get home before the storm comes. i did and my mother took the turn for the worse. i called my boss secretary roger whoers who called governor. -aget a call from the governor and he says we will get you home. the highways were closed and you couldn't ride 97, 695, 70 and 68. that's the route it's to take. i met a trooper at the security barracks and he took myself and my sister home and stayed with us before he reported in.
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my mother passed away the following year. and i received a note from the governor and i just respect him so. >> reporter: so he had a powerful impact on your life. >> yes. >> reporter: and took time to contact you. >> yes. he did. he took time to contact mow and he and bruce got me home and i will never forget him. >> reporter: so many stories that we are hearing about this amazing man. >> yes, he was. >> reporter: thanks for sharing that many appreciate it. have a lovely day. >> thank you. >> reporter: and so as we are standing out here talking to people, we are hearing more and more stories. yone has a story to tell about why they are here to pay last respect. he was man that touched so many people's hearts in so many different ways. sherrie johnson abc2 news. >> thank you. time is 9:03. when governor schav are's body is moved through baltimore city, there will be multiple streetsut down saratoga from
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gay to holiday will be closed from 3 to 6 today. lexington tweel between gillford and gay and holiday from care tollinga to lexington -- saratoga to lexington will be closed. and north charles between fayette and mulberry and saratoga between liberty and charles both closed between 9 and 2. kind of confusing. so if you need to look at that, go to -- need to look at that, go to we have traffic and road closures but las final details on the final tour -- final details on the final tour and look at his life and career. another big story today. prices at the pump. according to aaa, the average price right now is 3.88 in the baltimore area. that's up 34 cents in just a month. nationally, the average price of gas is 3.86 up 29 cents in
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one month. and those gas prices they keep on rising. thanks to oil price overseas. hitting 113 dollars a barrel this morning. and that will mean higher gas prices for us here at home. it means near record profits for big oil companies. and as abc2 news emily schmidt tells us, that leaves frustrated drivers figuring out how they will pay for it. >> reporter: across the country, sticker shock is setting in. >> this is the first too many i pay 75 dollars for a tank of gas. >> it's around 95 dollars. yeah. so, it's unbelievable right now. >> reporter: it takes nearly 100 dollars to fill some tanks. a dollar per gallon increase cost the average family an extra,000 dollars a year. -- an extra $1,000 a year drivers lined up 3 1/2 hours early to get free easter gas from a local church, thankful for the help. others feel less charitable towards oil companies. >> i am angry.
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there's no reason for it in my opinion. >> reporter: this week, analysts expect exxon to report profits up 60% for ten billion dollars. shell is expected to report a 22% gain. and there's no oil shortage just speculators worried about middle east turmoil. >> $6 gas is probably one well placed hurricane and one tiny bit of supply disruption away. >> reporter: airline tickets are up 7% in a month. florist is paying 25% more to fuel his trucks. he is worried the increase will take its toll. >> you can't just keep passing on the extra costs to them you know because they have a lot of costs themselves. >> reporter: tourism is taking a hit. grand canyon helicopter tours are down 10%. mount rushmore saw 6,000 fewer visitors last month than the march the year before. that is big worry with memorial day now just five weeks away.
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emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> i think that's what people are trying to decide now. what do they do about the summer vacation because it's so expensive and it doesn't appear to go down any time soon. >> have you found it is sort of agoffed or forced you to adjust anything you do. >> absolutely. >> it has and you do it without thinking. we are talking about filling up the gas and i mean you got down to 100 miles left in the gas tank and you filled up. >> about 50 dollars. when i bought car it was around 30. >> that's about right. it's about a 25 dollar jump and it is about 25 dollars more for me to fill up the four runner and you will make that decision on what you do and don't do. >> it's tough because everybody has to drive. that's the hot topic. we want your two cents. on the wmar facebook fan page the question is are rising prices causing you to cut down on trips and change your vacation plans for the summer? kathleen writes in and says we will probably have to skip a family reunion this summer because we can't afford to get
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there. >> melissa says we are staying home only driving when we have to and combining trips. so that's another way to do it. and if you want to share weigh in on this and the hot topic for the day, go to the official wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share your thoughts throughout the morning. many weighing in. this is something that will touch a nerve with many of you out there. it's 9:08. last week's beating of a transgender woman is now being called a hate crime this morning. and advocates are saying it's time something be done about it. the whole thing was caught on tape or on video as two teen girls beat a 22-year-old victim. she says one of the teens accused her of being a man use the woman's rest room. people in the transgender community say it's not nothing new. it happened a week ago and tonight 579 a support rally will be held outside the mcdonald's in rosedale. the person shooting the video was a employee at mcdonald's
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who has been fired for not doing anything to help out. >> this is a hot topic heating up the facebook page and just to share with you what some people are writing. suzanne says people need to boycott the place to show we will not stand for this behavior anymore. and to the employees and attackers, may god have mercy on your souls. >> cindy says all employees should be fired. the girls doing the beating should be charged as adult. what a shame i can't believe no one did anything until she was beaten into a seizure. and marlow says whatever happened to help thy neighbor? no one called the police is unacceptable and i hope the police charge it as hate crime. we want to know what you think. find all sorts of topics on the facebook page. let us know and join the discussion and it's the wmar facebook fan page and we will leave the comments and share them throughout the show. you own a store and business and want to do what you can to make a buck. >> coming up, you certainly want to have all the effort and help you protect yourself
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especially in your neighborhood. so today we are going to take an exclusive look at what police are doing to protect businesses out there. also, could facebook be dangerous for your health? why -- find out why the high tech socializing can be be bad for your kids. but first, before we do that, we will tell you about feeding breast cancer. we have a special guest -- beating breast cancer. how did one form of raiding aand operation and treatment help this woman survive in details ahead but before we go anywhere we need the weather from meteorologist justin berk. >> you want to see something cool? >> yes. >> this is worth it. not cool but warm and it can imsparrows point. -- sticky. sparrows point. you see the ground fog lift and disburse and now we have mostly sunny skies. it's warm out there. that's the point. sparrows point high school 67 degrees. light winds and high humidity still at 86%. and looks like we will have
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ourselves a little muggy day. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and this is how it lunged, a good chunk of -- looked a good chunk of yesterday afternoon and riding up towards interstate 81. showers this morning. nothing down here and that will be the focal point for most of the nasty weather north and west of us today. towed today, a slight risk of get -- today a. slight risk of thundershower but a higher chance further to the west. scattered storms tuesday and wednesday. thursday is our big day of boomers. may come through in the morning which would be good news to diminished threats and that cold front moves through and gibbs us an improvement. today, warm and sticky and we will hit 80 by lunchtime and 85 the two degree guaranteed with an isolated shower or storm. we will check out rest of the forecast for the upcoming week and much more "good morning maryland" so please stick around. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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call 1.888.884.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. welcome back. rising gas prices at the official wmar facebook fan page, we are asking are the prices causing you and your family to cut down on those every day trips or are you going so far as to change vacation plans for the summer. tasha says i cut back significantly on travel. we have only one vehicle on the road so during the week i rarely leave the house and everyone is work and i am a stay at home caretaker and dennis says i have an important
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function to attend in pittsburgh so i will have to endure the hike. we may carpool with another couple to split the cost as a possible option. if you want to weigh in on this and other hot topics or topics of significance at the official wmar facebook fan page go there and leave a comment and we will monitor throughout the morning and share your thoughts throughout the rest of the show. time is 9:15. >> thanks. time for a health alert. how many times have you been on twitter or facebook so far this morning? you may not realize the impact it could have on your health and if you are thinking come on really? social media does have a huge part of our lives. not just for kid and it's not all fun and games. abc2's linda so has more on the dangers of high tech socializing and what parents need to know. >> reporter: sites like facebook is great for meeting friends and staying in touch. but if you are not careful about your privacy, your profile can get into the wrong hands. when it comes to your kids, that can start bad
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relationships. >> it's a huge problem, huge problem. >> reporter: whenever linda kelly has to use one of these, it's not easy. she is the clinical program manager for the safe program at gbmc. her job is to care for victims of sexual assault. >> here's what's so disturbing. the majority of our patients are between the ages of 13 and 24 years of age. >> reporter: some of the patients are victims of a relationship gone bad that started online. >> they progress electronically from flirtation to potentially sexting, and that it once they do meet, the expectations about what that relationships will be may be not at all what the young lady intend it to be. >> reporter: and -- intended it to be. >> i say how can you tell who has the propensity of the violence? and you can't tell by looking at them. >> reporter: john was a biochem major and is spending life in prison for killing a woman he
9:17 am
met on my space. it's a story linda kelly shares when ever she talks to teens about the dangers of social media. >> this young laddie interacted with this guy so briefly on myspace, trusted him enough to give her personal information out and then got in a car with a perfect stranger. that's why the parents need to be smarter and we need to be more involved in terms of what they are doing electronically. >> reporter: because protecting your online privacy can keep it from falling into the wrong hands. in towson, linda so, abc2 news. >> police say more sexual predators are using social media to target kids and it's getting easier to use because the sites tell you what your kids like. charley. thanks a lot. time is 9:17. in our ongoing series, cancer treatment centers of america, this morning we are telling you about inner operative therapy. we tell you how it worked and how it was remarkable story for
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her in her life good morning. >> good morning. >> iort for the purposes of this interview we will call it that because it's easier to remember but it's something you never heard of it before. >> i never heard of it. i heard of reed radiation and keep mow. >> and that's it? >> -- chemo. >> that's right. >> and i discovered a lump in my breast and went through the proper screening and everything, and then i started mapping out treatment plans where i would go. so, when i went was to the cancer treatment centers of america in philidelphia where i got a fowl full body scan where the cancer was located. and also i was told about various treatments. i was told about this surgery, also about chemo and radiation and my oncologist mentioned iort and i went what is that. >> and what is it? >> it's intraoperative
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radiation therapy. this is where when you are done with your surgery, they are taking live nodes and dissecting them in the lab and what they do is they try to -- limb nodes and -- lymph nodes dissecting them in the will be a and what they do they do the surgery, and than they ratation oncologist team will give you a real strong dose of radiation while you are still in surgery while the wound is still open. so what they do they give outradiation and they protect the other organs around cancer bed. >> so relative recovery time was it longer as result of this or was it faster is this. >> it was faster.
9:20 am
the benefits from get iort is that it is done while you are in surgery. you get one strong dose of it and no more treatment. so, it saved me a lot of time from going back and forth to treatment center every day for five days or six days a week for five to six weeks. everything is done right then and there and then there are no more follow-up and it saved me a lot of time and got me back to doing the things that i enjoy doing. all of my crafts and my sewing and deck crating and stuff like that. -- decorating and stuff like that. as of next month, i am coming up on my first year from the iort treatment. i am feeling wonderful. i feel great. it saved me a lot of money and especially now that the gas prices are high. >> exactly. >> and you're cancer free. >> i am cancer free, yes. >> if anyone has cancers where
9:21 am
can we call and get information? >> sure. you can call the cancer-- you can go to the cancer to get information or you can call 1-800-333-ctca which is 1- 800-333-2822. >> all right. helen thanks so much. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> on being cancer free and a long healthy life. >> thank you. >> we will have this interview on our website. if you missed any part of it. >> what a great success story. when it comes to crime in baltimore, the stats say that everything is going down. that's true, but almost everything. coming, commercial robberies are clipping. so -- climbing. we will give you look at how how baltimore police are battling the high crime. 88xh
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and welcome back. providing the arrangement for us today this has a name megan. >> what is it. >> called desk top cheer. it has two orange. >> daisies. >> that's a girl. three pink. >> roses gerber daisies and
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three cherry red roses. it is called desk top cheer because april 27th is secretary's day. again, and that's an arrangement that includes what? >> gerber daisies and roses. >> time is 9:25. and while baltimore crime numbers continue inching down through the last couple years, one crime continues to spike. mom and pop shops are beingrobbed and commercial robberies are becoming a very noticeable problem. this morning, abc2's brian kuebler explains the problem baltimore city is countering with the task force you will only see on abc2 news. >> reporter: in site is all too familiar for owners of businesses in baltimore city and the police trying to stop it. commercial robberies spiked up nearly 60% since this time last
9:26 am
year. an ugly red number the police department is trying to curb. and it starts on the street with what the department calls the new commercial robbery task force. a detailed made up of s.w.a.t. team members tapped to curb the trend. >> we are out here because there's been a couple armed robberies at different stores. want to tell you to keep your heads up and lights on and if you see anything weird especially anybody in the car, give us a call. make sure to write down the tag if you can. >> reporter: officers is just one of the team focusing on businesses rob in the southeastern district. some visits are about prevention and others to follow up with recent victims. >> were you working? >> yes. >> how did it go down? >> two gentlemen came in and making a purchase and by the time he came to the register they were in here 15, 20 minutes, and then he showed me
9:27 am
this. [audio not understandable] he said put everything in the bag and pulled the other employee over and made us going into the back. >> reporter: the mission is to educate business owners what they can do and at the same time creating a presence in the area that based on intelligence most need them. an approach the lieutenant of the new unit says is reactive as well as proactive. >> some of the businesses thatwe are visiting are -- have been targets in the past. others are just in the general vicinity and we are trying to ensure the owners are aware we are out there and weep their ice and ears open. >> let's shoot over to 131 fayette. >> reporter: a new effort aimed at suppress agnew threat. hoping presence, education and prevention will turn the numbers around keeping baltimore open for business. in baltimore, brian kuebler,
9:28 am
abc2 news. >> this robbery unit has been on the streets for two weeks. the department says it will keep patrolling the target zones for the foreseeable future. from political heavy weights to neighbors, thousands will be saying bye to william donald schaefer all week. >> coming up, we will be live in annapolis for -- where his body will live in state and who is lined up to give their final good-byes straight ahead. temperatures this morning already pushing the 70 mark in baltimore. 72 on the eastern shore and while we look at the morning it will be a humid afternoon as temperatures aim for 85. isolated thunderstorms possible the severe threat will be to the west. but we will creep ever so close throughout the week. we will talk more about that coming up in just a moment.
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now good morning maryland at nine. it's about 9:30 and former governor william donald schaefer wanted to remembered for caring for people and their problem. >> and those who he did help
9:32 am
and those who heard stories will start to pay final respects. abc2 news sherrie johnson where his body has arrived. good morning. >> reporter: good morning megan. yes, we are standing right out here outside of the statehouse. if you look over here, you can see the honor guard. they are calling order at attention. we have seen the motorcade is just arrived with the motorcycles and it's hard to see through the crowd here, but we can tell with the procession that just arrived that the casket should be arriving soon. if it has not already arrived. a number of people have already began to stand outside along line is out here. people are waiting to -- waiting to see and pay their last respects to the former governor that will lie in start starting at 10 until 2 p.m. and being see the cloud of people that gathered. statehouse rotunda will be open
9:33 am
for public viewing at 10 this morning. we are waiting to see his casket which is due to arrive right now at 9:30 this morning. governor o'malley is speced to greet that casket with the honor guard from the national guard on state circle. you can see them all lined up here along the statehouse waiting for the casket. later this afternoon, a special tour of baltimore will be arrangeed for governor schaefer through neighborhoods and land parks. and that tour actually includes the childhood home of governor schaefer. the grave sights of his parents and lexington market and camden yard and -- yards and the national aquarium to name a few. and that tour end at city hall in baltimore where the former governor will lie in state tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. once again, we are right outside of the statehouse where we are awaiting the arrival of the casket of the former
9:34 am
governor. again, the motorcade has pulled up. and we are just waiting for the governor to come out and greet that casket. reporting live, sherrie. >> when the body is moved and goes through baltimore there will be multiple street chosures. for example today, saratoga street from gay to holiday will be closed from 3 until 6. lexington between gillford and gay and holiday from sarasota to -- from saratoga to lexington will be closed from 4:00 until 6:00 and on wednesday fayette street will be closed between gay and north charles street from 10:15 to 10:45 and north charles between fayette and mulberry and sayinger toa between liberty and charles closed from 9 in the morning until # in the afternoon. this is a lot of information. and so we did is put everything on line for you. get the street closures as well as a special section where you can find
9:35 am
details about the final tour of the city along with a look back at the life and career of the william donald schaver. >> it's 9:-- schaefer. it's 9:24. rising gas prices, at the official wmar facebook are the prices of gas causing you to cut down on your trips. many of you weighing in. karen says we will keep our vacation plans to the outer bairchtion but we are -- banks but we are saving our change to contribute to the trip. we work hard and deserve of a vacation. completely agree with you there. she continues to say our every day lifestyle has changed. we don't eat out as much. we watch our spending and use coupons et cetera. that's a good way to do things and yes, you are right, you do deserve a vacation. if you want to weigh in on this or other hot topics for the day, go to the official wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share your thoughts throughout the course of the show. megan.
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all right. thanks so much. we want to switch gears. it's not supposed to happen but sadly it does. people in our state facing discrimination simply because they are disabled. we are lucky enough to have the maryland disability law center in our community and they maybe sure it be - make sure those are -- make sure those with disabilities are protected. virginia is the director and joins us toll to us more about the organization and the great event this week. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> so for people who are not familiar with you, what do you do? >> we are the only organization in maryland that provides free legal services to people with all types of disabilities of all ages throughout the state. we are the only organization that is empowered to conduct investigations of abuse and neglect in facilities where people with disabilities reside. >> you guys do some pretty heavy stuff i imagine. everything from special needs to physical disabilities tomenta disabilities? >> correct -- to mental disabilities. >> correct. we help families receive the special education services
9:37 am
their children need to be successful in life. we help people receive the health care services they need to be healthy and productive. we help people with their housing issues and just a gamut of issues we are assisting people with. >> and you do the entire state. >> all disabilities. >> so i want to get to the fund- raiser because this is what helps you help people. can you give me an example of someone you helped in the past something you saw that was wrong and you wanted to step in and do something. >> absolutely. i have a number one that i will share. we were advocating for reforms in the state institutions for people with disabilities psychiatric and developmental. and, we are not getting much traction until a murder occurred of a patient in state psychiatric hospital last fall. as result of that, we were able to get attention for the reforms we were seeking. we were able to work on legislation and we will get the reforms as soon as the bill is signed by the governor. so, we are hoping we can keep
9:38 am
people safe and help them to seek better services in the facilities. >> and the services are free so how do you operate? >> well, we receive grants and we have wonderful foundations that help us and we receive federal funding which is shrinking and we need to rely on the community more and more to help us with the funding that we need to do our work. >> and that's what is breaking barriers is all about? >> yes. >> explain what that is. >> it's annual event coming up this thursday. we are very excited. it's the opportunity to share with the community the great work that we are doing to improve the lives of people with disabilities. and to honor folks who have made great strides in the cause. and also to raise funds to do our work. >> okay. so if you are at home and this sounds like fun, it's going to be a cocktail party which are fun. and it is at the american visionary arts museum. >> that's right. >> and the information is on the screen. and tickets are available? >> they are still available. we are hoping to sell it out and we are very close. >> good. you better hurry because it's a
9:39 am
hot item. virginia, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. it's so important and needs to be done. >> thank you very much. we will be here working hard. >> if you missed that information, we will put >> thanks a a lot. the weather was stunning sunday and makes you wish you had a boat. coming up, before you rent a boat for the fun day on the water, there are things you need to know before you hand your cash over. we will explain when we return.
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thanks for joining us. it's monday morning. and we have to say happy birthday to this gal. debbie who ludes in woodlawn celebrating a birthday today. lots of love from all your brothers and sisters and a little bit of extra love from your sister ingle rid because she works here. >> she works here. >> that i knew but i didn't know debbie was her sister so debbie tell ingrid she owes you a extra piece of cake. >> there you go. >> have a great birthday. >> also want to say happy birthday to 68th to david. now if you have interesting photographs to share, birthdays and anniversaries, pets and whatnot. morning show at and get those in with all the necessary information. so we can get the facts right when we get it on the air. when you e-mail us and say this is happening in our commute, you should tell people about it, so baby loves disco
9:43 am
doesn't it sound hike fun? >> yes. >> it is a party and it's cool because they are doing a tour of super heros. so, just imagine. kids and babies dancing to disco with a live dj. doesn't sound better than that. at towson town center. the information is on the screen. it's free. and it's on may 14th at one in the afternoon. so, go there and have a great time and shake it. >> shake is. >> this is from jean union baptist church women's month musical luncheon may 7th at 1219druid hill avenue. the donation is $5 and there's two numbers 410-668573 or 410- 944-5943. if you have an event you want to us mention, we would love to. just tell us. e-mail us personally. the addresss are on the screen m pringle and c crowson or
9:44 am
morning show at and the coverage abc2's coverage of the royal wedding i know you are waiting with bathed breath megan, friday is going to begin at 4 a.m. and we will continue through 10. we are not going to be broadcasting our local news on our regular station. we will broadcast rather on our digital subchannel that's 2.2. for verizon fieos customers you can find that on channel 463 and comcast customers channel 204. we will be streaming live at the website all right. let's send it over to justin and look at the weather. what's going on today, justin. >> well, today's temperatures shoot well above normal. i wanted to show this almanac to you. what do we expect? low of 45. hard pressed to believe that when we were in the 60sthis morning and where we should end up in the afternoon. high of 68 would be normal. we are at 70. look at records. we are not approaching the 94 set in 1960. but it might feel like it
9:45 am
because of the added humidity in the air. sun up at 6:15 and goes down at 7:54 and how much will that sun will we have? we will show you latest radar and forecast maps and forecast coming up. so stick around. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality,
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the best channel lineup, more hd, plus the fastest internet in the u.s. and there's no term contract required. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone -- for just $99.99 a month, plus $100 back. this is a limited time offer, so don't wait. call 1.888.884.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland "at nine. thanks for joining thus morning. wal-mart is testing a service to left kust mothers order groceries online. they have been expanding the online options including a service that lets customers order merchandise on line and -- online and pick it up the same day. that service is aimed at getting customers into the stores this new service creates a more convenient way they say to buy from wal-mart. well, yesterday's weather makes you want to head out on water. it was so nice for a while. but if you are planning a fishing trip on the chesapeake don't get caught up with the wrong captain. abc2 news joce sterman has a warning in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: for calvert county boat captain running his charter service the right way is atta no brainer. >> everybody feels more comfortable if they know you are licensed and you're trained and you know what you are doing. >> reporter: he gets the annual
9:49 am
inspection to put his guest at ease but not every skipper is taking the same steps to stay in good with the coast guard. >> a lot of people run charters without a lines. >> reporter: and that's a problem for coast guard investigators who say they have seen a wave of people illegally charging to carrying boaters over the last two years. they may charge less to go fishing out on the chesapeake but this kind of scam could put you at risk. >> if a person says they are a charter boat captain and don't have mainer in's license it's a gamble. >> reporter: that means the boat hasn't gone through a safety inspection to make sure it's sea worthy and the crew can handle an emergency. >> where's the rest of the life jacket records and theft right equipment at ready. >> it's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: so before you head out into the bay, the coast guard says make sure any charter captain you work with shows you the mariner's license and also ask to see inspectioner er istive sit. >> --er is at this time kit. >> it feeds to be -- certificate. >> >> and it needs to be displayed
9:50 am
by every vessel saying it needs to be inspected on the date antedate it will expire. this says we have been on this vehicle every year to certify it. >> reporter: it was easy to find proof on yim's boat he is up-to-date and -- gym's -- jim's boat and he is up-to-date and hopes others are. >> if we have to abide by the laws, everybody else should. >> reporter: in chesapeake beach, joce sterman, abc2 news. >> we are told boats carrying 6 or more people need the inspection she was talking about and it should be displayed where passengers can see it. and as far as where the scam is happening the coast guard says rock hall annapolis and potomac river and charles county. charley. back now to your two cents on today's hot topic. rising gas prices on the official wmar facebook fan page. we are asking you now, are the
9:51 am
rising prices making you and your family cut down on every day trips or change some of the vacation plans for the summer. you have been weighing in throughout the course of the morning and let's go to the facebook page and see what some of you are saying. scrolling down to the bottom to get some of the most recent responses we see here that we see that mark is saying as an insurance agent that meets with people in their homes this is hurting me. i have no control over pricing so i can't raise the premiums on someone's insurance to cover my increased cost of doing business and i have to plan my appointments for maximum efficiency and if you think for one second that you are spending a lot on weekly basis for gas or a monthly basis, listen to this post. this one comes in from phillip who says yes, i need a new car. my suburban suction gas to the tune of $700 a month in gas. that is a lot of gas. we have the oil companies to blame and we have the technology to make more efficient cars but they make sure that never happens because
9:52 am
of money. now, i need a s-uv or van because i have four children and car seats and that doesn't work. we need more fuel efficient large capacity vehicles and we need to do it quickly. now a couple of you have been weighing in on this also. skipping over some of these, to get more political. we are asking how it affects you not who you are saying is to blame. all right. kimberly said i started cutting back i have written official and putting faith in the president. you say you are cutting back but kim saying i am going to the beach and we are cutting out driving to many other places and i am down to work 3 days a week because i drive 145 miles each day. this is taking a toll on many of us. if you want to share your two cents feel free to do so. weigh in and let us know how gas is affecting you not who is
9:53 am
to blame, how it is affecting you and your life. megan. >> all right all right. chearchtion. no doubt about it, it was an impressive and scary rash of storms throughout maryland on sunday. coming up, justin has one more look at the forecast and could we be in for another round? he will look at that when "good morning maryland" at nine returns. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. okay. 12 hours ago we had ourselves showers left over across central maryland and those blew out and we had the frontal boundary lifting to the north. the ribbon north of york towards harrisburg is where the frontal bondry is and it drapes towards the west and it goes to the western section of kentucky and tennessee. that's where the bondry is set up with a slight rites being of the yellow shaded areas including western maryland and western section of pennsylvania. higher risk moderate risk self veer storms with tornadic being a test across lower missigh sipe valete. a couple things to -- mississippi valley. a couple things to remember. it could enhance thundershowers and a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow afternoon
9:57 am
and in through thursday. today's forecast, a high temperature of 85. isolated showers through the evening. back in muggy mid-60s and 80s at least through midweek with scattered showers and storms ending thursday. all right. our reminder beginning former governor and baltimore mayor william donald schaefer will lie in state and he will travel to baltimore city to lie in state at the rotunda here at city hall. a memorial and burial will take place on wednesday. and we set up a special section on the website, to find the details about his final tour of the city along with a look back at his life and career. >> busy next couple days. three days. >> absolutely. and we will keep you covered both online and, of course, on the air. >> and another thing to remember, as far as road closures, we went through them several times throughout the morning here on "good morning maryland. >> there's a lot. >> it can be confusing so go to and take a look to make sure you are up to speed. >> enjoy the sunshine. >> yes. while it is here. >> see you tomorrow.
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